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A 12 page letter from Helen Berry Lane mentioning Mr. Lane, her husband. There is a discussion of her daughter Helen's upcoming marriage and the preparations for the wedding including a discussion of ladies garments which Helen had made. Page 9…

A letter from Helen Berry to her granddaughter, Ada discussing Brompton.

This is a photograph of a plot of Brompton, taken from the 1873 deed of purchase between John Green Lane the grantee and John L. Marye Jr, the grantor. The Deed is found in Deed book W in the Fredericksburg Clerk's Office

One page of a letter from Lizzie Lane to her sister, Helen mentioning their two brother, Willy and Harry going on a trip to Warrenton.

A three page letter from Helen Berry Lane to her daughter Lizzie Lane. Helen Lane mentions her son Willy and his wife, Camilla.

A letter from Mrs. Helen Berry Lane discussing the marriage of her daughter Helen.

This 4 page letter from Mrs. Helen Berry Lane discusses family matters including her daughter Helen, as well general talk concerning local friends.

A four page letter from Helen Berry Lane to her mother Helen Berry. The letter talks about the birth of Helen Johns, son. Helen Johns is the daughter of Helen Berry Lane. Helen Berry Lane's two sons, Harry and Willy are also mentioned.

A five page letter from Helen Berry Lane discussing both local and family interests. She mentions the Brompton family in connection to a social event.

A two page letter from Helen Berry Lane to her daughter, Lizzie Lane. They discuss a chimise and an accompanying pattern.
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