Letter from Helen Berry Lane to Helen Berry, September 1, 1875

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Letter from Helen Berry Lane to Helen Berry, September 1, 1875




A four page letter from Helen Berry Lane to her mother Helen Berry. The letter talks about the birth of Helen Johns, son. Helen Johns is the daughter of Helen Berry Lane. Helen Berry Lane's two sons, Harry and Willy are also mentioned.


Lane, Helen Berry




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Brompton (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Brompton Sep 1st/75

Dearest Ma

I think you might have filled up the blank pages of your letters with answers to my numerous questions about your coming home but you only allude to it vaguely as something that may happen someday, but you won’t commit yourself. The first question Mr. Johns asked yesterday when he arrived was if you were coming this week. You know the first of Sep. was your promise.

We expected him to come thru Rich. by the five o’clock train yester. evn. But he came at eleven & surprised us having taken the river route. thru Alex. started Monday morn. from his Parrish, he is quite thin but looks so handsome! Helen is good as new again & the baby improving daily in every respect. They moved up stairs yesterday & I took that opp. to have my dining room floor oiled with linseed oil & Spanish brown & it looks like mahogany. I shall move in there tomor. Now, we have led quite a camp life but it kept the [ ] & smells out so well that I think we will make the same move next summer. We expected Harry last night but he has not come yet. They have had a [ ] time of it no doubt, I just had a note from Belle Min: at Warrenton she says she saw Harry at a German the other night so I think it likely they were glad to be detained there by rain. I wrote Belle according to promise that it was convenient now for her to come & we wanted to have her here; the letter followed her to War: & she wishes that in two weeks she will come with the greatest pleasure, my scheme is to have her & Fan Wyther so I am going to write Fan tomorrow. Willy is down in King George. Won’t you be at home by that time! I wish Ada cld come. Oh won’t seem like old times without her. I have been unwell for nearly two weeks & part of the time “washed away” but am [ ] alumn water syrings & think it is subsiding today. My head is as yet not as much affected as it was the last time nor am I so pale.

Sister Fanny & Bet are preparing for St. Louis at least so Ellen said yeser. evn. here & she & Geo. are [ ] to [ ]. they gave a supper the other night to [ ] & her husband & his niece that Helen says was beautiful, sister has so much handsome china & glass & silver that the table looked regal. The niece was a Miss Osborne from Louisville who Willy says is too Western for this taste. They only stayed a few days. He’s very umbrageous, Travis has just inherited fifty thousand from his mother, so they say she is in clover. George gave him a fishing trip to Wh: VW Lane went & says he is as much like Mr. Fletcher as I thought him. George has come round!

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