Letter from Helen Berry, February 6, 1875

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Letter from Helen Berry, February 6, 1875




A four page letter, assumed to be from Helen Berry Lane, discussing cold temperatures and local friends.




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Brompton (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Brompton 6/75

Tis a new thing for me to be writing with a pencil dear [ ], but I am so cold that I think moving my hand for the ink makes me colder. Why I began to think you very ungracious & besides I think now, there was a lack of gout in your last, nor natural to your style.

I was very glad you found Ann & M. W as affectionate. They are indeed most excellent people & have sorrows, even, in their plenty wch we know nothing of. Poor George is a source of great anxiety. tho only because he is, or seems to be, too whimsical to attend to business of any kind. Is he doing anything in C town [ ] I could be blind & deaf too. to sorry thing but my own conscious these trips to C. must be very distasteful to you. Leaving these young girls by themselves is no small anxiety as every reasonable person wld see unless blind, save to their own interest.

We’ve had it so cold here since the first of Jan. that there has been little intercourse with the town. Church so cold that for several Sundays we did not go & it is getting cold as ever, then the ice will form again & the young people will have another [ ]. I don’t like such cold please me, but [ ] is devoted to be a looker on. But we’ve had such a sad death amongst us that it may chill the ardor. Mrs. D Taylor was buried last Sunday. She died of pneumonia. Ada will tell you of her. There is some sickness in F. but not [ ] at all. Nelly C, little Madge is very sick. They fear diphtheria . & [ ] went there this [ ]. Wch she ought not to have done as she cld not serve her in anyway

Tell dear Ada I shall write to her in due time.

[ ] I don’t know when I’ve been more pleas’d than yesterday getting a letter from Louise, she told me she had sec ‘d the package all safe & sound tho not in the package a thousand pounds for sake of the old saw but I’ve been lamenting it lost. She told me too that Anna had a new baby. Above that the secret that Ana [ ]was to be married in a few weeks to a S. Carolinian widow with several children.

I’ve resumed my [ ] bring of [ ] to go to F. yesterday to help [ ] of something for her & this morning such a snow storm as brings you all before me; it is as lonely here as with you. [ ] for out of the [ ] when there is bad weather.

Mr. William Smith was buried in F. yesterday. Mrs. Jacob Morgans brother of King George died as almost all of them have of apoplexy. (?) is to

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I’ve [ ] [ ] I had an [ ] [ ] to the post office

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“Letter from Helen Berry, February 6, 1875,” The Lane Family at Brompton, accessed February 23, 2019, http://lanefamily.umwarchives.org/items/show/5.