Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry Lane, June 4, year unknown

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Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry Lane, June 4, year unknown


This letter was written by John Green Lane to his wife Helen Berry Lane. In the letter, John talks about their daughter Lizzie, mentioning daily activities such as picking strawberries.


Lane, John Green




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Brompton (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Brompton 14 June
Your delayed letter with the postal and one to Lizzie came yesterday & cheered me up considerably. and I am certainly glad the time is near at hand for your return it’s a sorry time without you, whilst the children do everything that I could desire, it is not you. As I wrote you I went to [ ] yesterday taking Liz. I found Dr. M. preached there & all his warm adherents follow him & that Elvira expected several to dine with her, but only Liz & I & [ ] did, I saw Dora [ ] and she looked so like a woman resigned to her fate in the number of her children & mentioned our not having been to see her in just such a way that I felt keenly that we ought to have gone. She and James Bayly rode up here the first day James came & [ ] not raise a save white or black are displaced. The Doctor has a very good congregation, he took his choir with him Jenny Shepherd, Lucille Brooke (etc?), the ladies had fixed up the ch: & made it very clean with scrubbing & white wash. I think Elvira was the chief director in it. I returned in time to make a visit of two hours to M [ ] I had a pleasant visit & was glad I had gone, she seemed to be very fond of Lizzie and is very cheerful, but has staid at home till she has an "Old Winchester" look; we returned through Town & Lizzie seeing Anna Braxton in front of their house picked her up for the night. To day Lizzie staid at home for the Strawberries, I aimed to as there to keep not to ferment or [ ], rather have to look pretty, they were not very good berries than were 7 pounds after being cap't.
To day I have Aunt Martha at the Library although Alcinda suggested Nancy in her stead and found it utterly impossible to get [ ] to stick to it (the [ ]) long enough to accomplish anything. I made Alcinda come to help her & that brought Edmund & [ ] & though they all seemed busy they did nothing, I think a part of your daily prayer must be "Give me patience to bear with my servant" in no other way could you accomplish it(.) I had Harry at the carraige to day, but we have been interrupted by a shower, scarcely a season, but I hope the precursor of much more
I wish not reply to your letter as it will be more agreeable to talk over your [ ] when you return. [ ] although I note what you say about returning, Alex- that it would be nice to come one of the James River boats, if you can get to Rich' in time for the 5 15 O. M train. Jimmy returned to dinner to day, and was surprised when I told him, by way [ ] realizes the fact, that he had better write home that he would have to extend his visit on a/c of his horses/each has taken no interest, whatever in it & pin haps if he means to ride her home the [ ] he sees of is the better.
Some indifferent preacher of the vicinity who is without a charge preached here yesterday. I [ ] yesterday the first no. of a ch. paper edited by M. [ ] it is small but will probably grow in it or as she way the advertisement of an ice cream saloon owned or kept by [ ] [ ]. an evidence I presume that all the other [ ] to [ ] was closed to him. I shall expect your next to tell me of your precise plans for reaching home. Tell Helen will talk of the heifer when she comes wish best love Helen & Mr. Johns from us all & to you too I am

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