Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry Lane, May 10, 1876

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Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry Lane, May 10, 1876






Lane, John Green




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Brompton (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Brompton 10th May 1876
Your letter of Saturday & Sunday I received with great pleasure last evening, I am sorry mine has been so delayed to you, I have written either postal or letter every mail day since you left- you were fortunate in recovering your trunk so soon.
You are indeed the recipient of much hospitality by Helen's neighbors & friends, I scarcely think you could in any other part of Virginia indeed any where find a people more thoroughly kind & hospitable, I know you will spend this week delightfully among them. I have told all our friends how much you praise the baby and all of Helen's surroundings.
I took off my Flannel drawers, but was afraid to part with my [ ]. I had planted the (Pearl Tube Rose?) with an off set on each side of it in a very snug lot just the proper size. My [ ] got the [ ] a day or two after you left; I wrote you I had planted the W melon seeds & to day I am finishing the tomatoes & planting the Lima Beans. Our chamber is stripped of the carpet & furniture I have had the floor nailed down tight & it is waiting for one arm [ ], who says he will certainly be here on Friday, his engagements preventing his coming [ ], Liz & I in the mean time in the Room on the hall Thursday morning. It was almost cold enough for a frost last night the Thermometer about 44. Quite a storm of thunder, wind & rain yesterday at 3 o'clock which at once changed the temperature although the sun was soon out the air was quite chilled, making a fire very comfortable to sit by, last night. It is however lovely this morning very clear and every thing looking as fresh & green as possible; this weather insures the life of all of our small Roses, by the way how beautiful Dr Thom's residence must be now I greatly admired it in winter & he keeps every thing in such perfect order. You would revel with them, if there 2 or 3 Roses, were in bloom, they had two or three large Yuccas in the garden a palm like growth some 6 or 8 feet high that I greatly admired it is the same genus as the plant known as Adams needle. I have transplanted all of the geranium seeds in small pots, by all roots & I think will soon make plants and give you bloom this summer, there were about 40 of them well rooted & did not remove difficultly, from the box as they are slow to root_ Some of all of your flower seeds have come up the small sweet (minute) have 3 or 4 plants, very delicate, in each pot. The Day Lillies I have had placed in position, the hot days made them advance rapidly. The [ ] [ ] makes slow progress, but is life_ [ ] with green showing it has made a beginning _ Lizzie was caught after school by the storm yesterday, and the Marye’s detained her to dinner, and she spent the afternoon, she was quite delighted with her visit; since the receipt of your letter she has counted the silver, which she says I must report to you in these words "all right except her silver cup wiping which she thinks Sister [ ]" on Sunday she says she will wash "it on Saturday. Willy comes & goes as usual, but feels I think (rather?) word constrained to" make an effort" when here.
I have been in Town scarcely at all since you left, I find so much to occupy me, [ ] here_ I get [ ] regularly every morning, [ ] brings up 10 [ ] when he goes for M Smith’s coming & or he goes in the evening too, it will perhaps be more economical to get 10th twice a day rather than 20 in the morning_ a letter mailed to me thanking you for the package which has arrived safely & given her great comfort_ she said Ada the advice of D. [ ] was taking [ ] [ ]

thought when I commenced [ ] at the top & bottom of any sheet that I could end with this [ ]
I have moved Alcinda with the milk to the Dairy. & the kitten stove is established below. And all of your little chickens are alive.
You will not be able hear from me again till you reach Alexandria if you stay there long now In [ ] about the floor stain advertised by Fanny, the apothecary he is opposite Adam's. The new floor in Library will require to be stained I reckon, I am sorry_I could not have it finished before Helen comes, but to use the Parlor will make us feel more at home in it.
My best love to you and Helen & Mr. Johns, you make me quite anxious to see & know the baby. I hope Mr Johns will be able to spend several days with in which Helen is here.
[ ] is beautifully green this morning
Ever yours

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Lane, John Green, “Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry Lane, May 10, 1876,” The Lane Family at Brompton, accessed February 23, 2019, http://lanefamily.umwarchives.org/items/show/17.