Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry, July 15, year unknown

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Letter from John Green Lane to Helen Berry, July 15, year unknown


A four page letter from John Green Lane to his mother-in-law, Helen Berry discussing the birth of grandson, who's mother is his daughter Helen Johns.


Lane, John Green




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Brompton (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Brompton 15th July
My dear Mrs. Berry,
This morning I am a Grand Father-- & you a great Grand Mother—Helen has a fine boy & is doing very well up to this time; Dr Scott & Sister Fanny were with her, her labor began at eleven last night & ended at six this morning [erasure] in a great big son with black hair. Mrs. [ ] is installed as head nurse & Helen and Sister Fanny [ ] [ ] of efficiency.
Helen took chloroform to mitigate the pain, but even with that she says it was awful. Since you left, as before, she has been quite bright & cheerful & I sincerely hope that her recovery during her confinement will be rapid & that she will escape many of the incidentals that were so afflicting to her mother.
I can not tell you how much I miss you & dear little Liz. I hope she has been a good girl and cheerfully obeyed your wishes [ ] her there came from [ ] by Express last night a fine boy baby to her sister & that we are all very much pleased with it & and that I know she will be delighted and will be anxious to return to see it—Her kittens are in bad health, subject to fits & the mother too.
We have had light showers since you left& so [ ] revered a little, I have had a monopoly of the tomato market, sold until they work at 40 cents a dozen & now the pick at that, graduated down to 25 a dozen. M Homerson said to me yesterday the [ ] [ ] for the [ ] felt quite chagrined that, I, a new comer, should have so for beaten them-- he enquired particularly after you expressed his great admiration of you.
The boys are very well, Harry promises to be quite as much of a Beaux with the young [ ] and Willy is with the old maid. Tell Liz as, soon as the little boy has the dust & dirt of the [ ] washed off of him, he may put to sleep upon her little sofa with which he is charmed.
Helen has borne up so far very well under the fatigue [ ] of sleep, complain only of her feet. she got of short notes to sister Julia, Gertrude & [ ] this morning she, whilst I [ ] in leaning back at her ease in my chair with the Herald held before her spectacles a little awry, quite the impersonation of a Grandmother .
Sister Fanny will be [ ] Helen more or less as occasion may require. She went down in the buggy a while ago, probably to return to night, certainly if all is not well.
We all unite in devoted love to Taylor, Matthew & children & to Liz. Ever
Your affectionate son,
J G Lane

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