Letter from Helen Berry Lane to Lizzie Lane, November 7, 1880

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Letter from Helen Berry Lane to Lizzie Lane, November 7, 1880




A three page letter from Helen Berry Lane to her daughter Lizzie Lane. Helen Lane mentions her son Willy and his wife, Camilla.


Lane, Helen Berry


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Brompton (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Brompton Nov 7 80
My precious child,
Your postal came yesterday and I am glad you have the [consolation] of the visit to Mrs. Mc & which I know was pleasant from the description you have given me of her sweetness, & then too you now have the anticipation of Willy's visit which he mentions in his letter received today saying he will go shortly before you come home for xmas. I wrote you on Tuesday while he was downtown, he did not get back till four o'clck. & then dinner came which took an hour so we had only the little while [till] train time to see him[.] Helen & I went to the depot with him, & it seemed in a moment he was gone, there was not a tear shed for I feel like he was next door & we could see him at any time. He writes that his visit seems like a pleasant dream. The weather has been so bad since he left that we have had a quiet time & the girls[.] no visitors till today & [Willington?] walked home from ch: with Camilla & David is [ ] the [ ], he spent Tuesday eve with them too. Last night Rosie's beau Mr. Lunsford from Petersb'g came & there was such a storm when the time came for him to go that I insisted on his staying all night & he did so[.] I have seldom seen a smaller man but he is well proportioned & pleasing in manner-- neither handsome nor ugly. Rose says he is more than 30 & very steady & manly-- so I reckon it is a good match for her, she requires a good advisor to regulate her. She leaves for home tomorrow with him as escort.
Mr. Clemens & Sue left yesterday, [] aunt [ ] is going to stay a wink with sister [ ] & then is coming here to stay some time with us, I am so glad for her to have the rest after such a sea of trouble as she has passed through. George refused to come up today for fear of bringing the disease in his clothes to Helen's children, but we think that is useless caution & hope to talk him out of it.
Lizzie one of four Callas has a bud, I'll send it to you when it blooms all of them look finely. I am grieved about your eyes but hope the eye water will cure them, do use it faithfully-- we will send the prescription tomorrow. Easter has not sent the flannel for yr dress yet! I was called off to entertain Henry Scott & Willy Marze as Helen & Camilla have gone to [ ] -- & Rose with Mr. L. for a walk then dine 12. & Marshall came & Rose has just returned leaving [ ] only time for a little more. Write me all about your visit.
Your devoted

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