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This photograph is of the interior restoration work that was done to Brompton shortly after the home was purchased for Mary Washington College. This photograph was also taken by the Judson Smith studio.

This photograph of Brompton was taken in 1946 by the Judson Smith studio.

This is a photograph of the Historic Preservation Club in front of Brompton, circa 1945

This is a photograph from the 1913 Battlefield yearbook, of the 1913 Glee Club, of which Helen Lane Daniel was a member

This picture of Helen Lane Daniel comes from her entry in the 1913 Battlefield yearbook. She was a member of a number of campus organizations that are listed the the left of her image.

An image of the Lane family tree showing the generations of the Lane family.

This letter was written by John Green Lane to his wife Helen Berry Lane. In the letter, John talks about their daughter Lizzie, mentioning daily activities such as picking strawberries.

A photograph of Brompton found in a viewbook publication, circa 1919, from the State Normal School, which would become the University of Mary Washington.

A photograph of Brompton during the civil war with soldiers standing out front.

A photograph of Helen Lane Daniels. Handwriting on the back says, " (Miss) Helen Lane Daniel, granddaughter of John Green Lane who owned "Brompton" from 1873- 1887. She was an alumna of MWC Class of 1913.
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