Tracing the history of Brompton


This drawn plot is part of the deed between the Maryes and the Lanes when John Green Lane purchased Brompton.

“The history of Brompton, the iconographic home of John Marye, Jr. now owned by the University of Mary Washington, is a complicated weave of unknowns and educated guesswork. Possible dates for the construction of the property range from the 1740’s until 1838. Public memory, family lore, lack of historical documents and heavy renovation of the property make it almost impossible to pinpoint an exact history of Brompton.” [1]

It was in 1862, that Brompton played a primary role in the first Battle of Fredericksburg when the Confederates fortified behind the Stone Wall, on Sunken Road, that runs directly in front of Brompton.

After the death of John Lawrence Marye, the property was for sale and was bought by Mr. John Green Lane in 1873. The Lane’s lived at Brompton for several years, until 1887 when Captain M.B. Rowe purchased the property from the Lanes. The Rowe family maintained the property until 1947 when Brompton was purchased to be the residence of the President of the University of Mary Washington. After purchasing the home, Brompton underwent a substantial renovation which included major interior changes. Today Brompton still continues as the residence of the President of the University.


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Tracing the history of Brompton