My name is Jenniffer Powers and I am a member of the Class of 2014 and a historic preservation major at the University of Mary Washington.

The idea for this website resulted from the project of transcribing this set of letters. Through discussion with the Special Collections Librarian, Mrs. Carolyn Parsons, we decided we wanted the letters and their transcriptions to be available for public use. The creation of this website then became the main project for my individual study. The main goal was to develop a website that would make the letters available for use. We made the decision to use Omeka as our website as we felt the basic structure of Omeka lended itself to the creation of archival digital repositories. Over the course of my individual study I digitized all of the letters, and uploaded the letters as items into Omeka. Using the pre-set Dublin Core metadata, I entered in all the metadata for each item, adjusting the metadata fields as necessary for our purposes.